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West Country Escapes

With over 20 years of cruising experience in the beautiful south west of England we are able to provide access to some truly breathtaking scenery along the coastline and estuaries of the west country. Visit secluded beaches, tranquil bays, picturesque country villages and some fantastic waterside eateries serving the very best in fresh seafood and traditional local fare.

Under the safe guidance of a commercial yacht master, our half day and full day cruises are designed to give you the best possible insight into the area at a relaxed pace and in the comfort and luxury of our motor cruiser. Our overnight packages provide a real step into the world of boating in this rich and varied cruising ground. With numerous opportunities for photos and filming along the way, it is sure to be a truly memorable journey for everybody.

Our packages listed below can be tailored to your exact requirements, please get in touch by telephone or email for more information on each package and the full range of options for your west country escape.

Devon and Cornwall Cruising Escapes
Motor Cruiser Charter’s Escape Packages:

Explore the Estuary

A private introduction to the beautiful towns, villages and countryside of Devon and Cornwall.

Start your journey with a cruise up river and a chance to see the development of the local area right from the world famous engineering history of the industrial revolution right through to the modern naval craft and commercial developments along the banks of the estuary. You will be greeted with numerous photo opportunities of the beautiful countryside and wildlife and enjoy relaxing at anchor to take in your surroundings. Refreshments will be provided and available throughout the day.

Heading back down river and disembarking at one of the picturesque local towns or villages you can enjoy what many visitors to the area come here for……the fantastic local fare. Freshly caught seafood, home made Cornish pasties and if there’s still room then a traditional cream tea and scone with the thickest local clotted cream you can imagine.

Back on board you will have the choice of whether to head to another of the local rivers and villages or continue your leisurely tour of the rest of the estuary. Both options with plenty more opportunities to lay anchor, take photographs, fish, or just relax and enjoy the surroundings in your exclusive tour of the west country.

Prices from £466 for 6 guests

Coastal Escape

An exhilarating journey along an ancient and beautiful coastline.

A real step into the world of boating starts with a brief morning introduction to the boat and the journey by the skipper. You will then be taken out of the estuary and cruise in comfort and luxury along some truly breathtaking coastline. Along the way you will be stop off at one of the many tranquil bays and anchorages to enjoy refreshments and take in your surroundings. Fantastic photo opportunities will greet you throughout the day.

Onwards along the coast and into the estuary of one of the local towns where you will disembark for a traditional lunch at one of the fine local pubs. You will then be free to explore the town at your leisure. Recommendations and guide information will be provided by us at the start of the day for you to peruse during your journey.

Back on board you will be able to rest and relax whilst meandering up river before heading back out of the estuary later in the afternoon and setting off back along the coast. Along the way there will be more photo opportunities and maybe a spot of fishing at another quiet inlet with an afternoon tea. Back in the home port you will be taken to a fine waterside restaurant to reflect on the day and enjoy a dinner of freshly caught seafood or one of the other local specialities. The final leg of your journey will see you safely and comfortably back to the marina with a great view of the town lit up at night from the water. We will happily arrange transport to take you to your final destination, so you really wont have a single worry for what will almost certainly be a memorable day on the water.

Prices from £760 for 6 guests

Lunch and Dinner Cruises

A luxurious dining experience

Dining on the water is certainly one of the highlights of boating. Our dining packages offer the very best that the west country has to offer in scenery, food and atmosphere. We have a great selection of waterside eateries to choose from, or if you prefer to stay on board we can cater for almost any need with a range of european and asian buffets, both hot and cold. We also provide a transport service to bring you to the marina and take you safely home at the end of your cruise.

Lunch on the Water

The perfect way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon and some great west country food.

Your party will slowly motor to a picturesque waterside restaurant to enjoy some fresh and tasty local food. Back on board you can sit back and relax for the afternoon as you explore the historic town and beautiful estuary. After stopping off at a quiet anchorage for refreshments you will then travel back down river, with plenty of photo opportunities, and arrive back at the marina in the early evening.

Prices from £458 for 4 guests

An Evening Dinner Cruise

The perfect excuse to get together with friends and family for a luxurious dining experience with a difference.

Cruising along the estuary as the sun sets you will be able to enjoy a selection of beers, wines and refreshments as the town slips quietly by. Arriving at a secluded anchorage you will be able to relax, chat and take in your surroundings before heading onwards to your host waterside restaurant for a sumptuous dinner of fantastic local food. After dinner and back on board and with a glass in your hand, you will cruise home against a background of the town's lights. The perfect way to end a great evening on the water.

Prices from £509 for 4 guests

Short Breaks

For a real getaway MCCSW offers overnight exploration of the south coast. We take care of everything, no need for any driving, no researching of things to do or places see. Just relax in comfort and luxury as you are taken to some of the most beautiful coastal locations in the country for a unique perspective only possible from the water.

With the guidance of our experienced skipper you can enjoy the best that the west country has to offer as well as some secrets that don’t appear in the tour guides. Ranging from a two day trip with a night spent in a coastal town right through to a cross channel excursion, the only real limit is your available time and sense of adventure. Spend the night on board with up to 6 people being comfortably berthed, or ashore in one of our exclusive affiliate hotels all arranged by us in advance to ensure the best rooms and views are waiting. The excursions can be tailored exactly to your needs.

2 Days from £1471 for 4 guests

3 Days from £2317 for 4 guests

Luxury Floating Accommodation

Our 40ft luxury motor cruiser provides comfortable and stylish accommodation in any of the south coast towns of Devon and Cornwall. The master en-suite double bedroom and twin guest room together with an additional 2 berths means space for up to 6 people overnight.

A fully equipped galley complete with modern gas stove, grill, oven and refrigerator means no need to even leave the comfort of the warm and cosy wheelhouse when the weather turns. An LCD television, CD radio music system and ample indoor seating means you can relax inside or out, in the heart of the town. During your stay you can choose to take an excursion around the estuary, go for RIB rides with wakeboarding and our extreme inflatables or even a trip along the coast, it really is the most flexible in luxury accommodation.

3 Nights Marina Accommodation from £832 for 6 guests

MCCSW Experiences

MCCSW provides you with the opportunity to really experience navigation and boat handling. We have designed two specific courses to firstly teach you how to handle a large twin screw motor cruiser, and secondly to give you a good general understanding of how to navigate in channels and open water.

Competent Skipper

This half-day course gives a good range of information with plenty of hands-on practice under the safe guidance of a commercial yacht master. The day begins with an introduction to the boat, important elements of navigation and basic embarking checks and procedures. Out on the water you will be familiarised with the function and operation of the instruments and receive your first instruction in piloting.

The estuary provides the perfect opportunity to learn how to use navigational markers and operate around other craft. Out into deeper water, you will experience handling a vessel in potentially bad weather and then head to a sheltered location for instruction on laying anchor and standard position checks. After a chance to enjoy some refreshments it will be time to practice some basic manoeuvres to gain an understanding how the vessel reacts in close-up situations, taking into consideration wind, tide and dual propeller control. Back into the marina you will assist with preparations and mooring and shown how to select the appropriate rope arrangement. You will end the day with a good general overview of boat ownership and handling.

Prices from £466 for 3 guests

Skipper Experience

This full-day course is designed to give a more in-depth introduction to Navigation. All aspects of the Competent Skipper course will be covered however the morning will end with the visiting of a new marina. You will receive hands-on VHF communication training and will be fully involved in the berthing of the vessel as a marina visitor. You will then enjoy a great lunch in the marina restaurant before heading out for the afternoon’s navigation course. You will be given training in chart reading, manual course and waypoint plotting, GPS / chart plotter use and the afternoon will end in an exercise where you will be soley responsible, under the safe supervision of our yacht master, for the course plotting, handling and navigation of our 40ft motor cruiser. You will end the day having completed a substantial introduction into all aspects of safe boat handling and navigation.

Prices from £737 for 3 guests

Water Sports Experiences

With our custom fitted RIBs and experienced instructors we give you the opportunity to learn to wakeboard, waterski or just have some fun and thrills with our extreme inflatables. We offer 2 hour, half day and full day packages with or without the support of our 40ft motor cruiser. A really great day for a group of friends or family with the choice to spend as much or as little time in the water as you like.

Get-up and Go

This short course is ideal for anybody wanting to try wakeboarding or take a step forward and learn some new tricks. In the RIB our instructors will take you through the first basic steps to give you a solid technique to build upon, watching out for and correcting any early bad habits. You will be shown easy-to-follow demonstrations and when you feel ready you’ll fasten up your safety gear and get behind the boat for your first wakeboarding session.

Once you get to your feet you’ll learn how to turn frontside and backside crossing the wake in both directions and if you feel confident you will be ready to make your first jump. There really is no limit to how far a positive attitude can take you in the first session. A group of up to 4 people is the just right for 2 hours on the water, any more and you simply wont have enough time each behind the boat to make any noticeable progress. Bring along your cameras and we’ll be happy to help you get some great photos and footage of your first wakeboarding experience.

The course can be extended whilst out on the water if there are no clashes with any other bookings. We can guarantee that once you get bitten by the bug you wont want to stop!

Prices from £357 for 4 guests

H2O experience

For a day packed with action on and in the water our H2O experience is the choice for you. Our 40ft motor cruiser will be your base for the day and setting off from the marina in the morning and anchoring in a sheltered bay you will be met by our instructors and fast RIB to start the day’s events. You will have a Get-Up and Go introduction to wakeboarding and then break for lunch, which will be a buffet served on board our luxury cruiser.

After some time to relax and enjoy the sun it will be back into the RIB for your second instruction of the day, honing the skills you learnt in the morning and introducing you to the first tricks behind the boat. After a break for refreshments, and with the little strength you have left we’ll get the inflatables out for some adrenaline filled fun. For anyone who has never experienced this we can assure you it rivals the very best theme park rides.

At the end of the day you’ll return to the marina for hot showers and time to check out your photos and film from the day. A really great way to spend the day with a group of friends or family, for newcomers to wakeboarding and experienced riders alike.

Prices from £830 for 6 guests


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